Styled Photoshoots with Incredible Scenes

June saw In The Frame Photography Ltd’s Roisin (recently accredited Licentiateship in Photography with The Societies of Photographers ) shoot one of our most fascinating styled sessions to date.  Combining the talents of highly skilled models with the beautiful Matilda (caravan) against a backdrop of the great British countryside.  The end result was a session which produced images full of retro casual-glamour, colourful situational revelations, and a hint of bygone whimsey!

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Portrait Photography

The Appeal of Portraiture

It is because of the unique and personal connection that is captured with the subject that portrait photography is a long-standing favourite and an ever-popular choice for photographers far and wide. There is an alluring sense of going back to basics with a portrait shot. Depending on the type of portrait, there may be no props, and there are no large groups – merely the subject, and the photographer.  

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Tonimarie & Dan's Vow Renewal

InTheFrame Tonimarie Dan 11There's magic in many of the events and sessions I'm a part of, but on the 5th of August, I got to take part in one of my favourites to date!

The event was a vow renewal for Tonimarie & Dan - who I'm lucky enough to call friends as well as clients. Having done a version of this in their wedding years ago, there appeared to be less stress that I'm used to seeing and more dedication to love, each other and family.

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Styled Sessions

Princess Photoshoots

It's beautiful, to be a princess.  It's something little girls don't need to learn and don't need to be told.  All it takes is a pretty dress, a spot of glitter and they are beautiful - no matter how they look.  In The Frame's Styled Sessions do just this.

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Family Photography | In The Frame

Family Photography

One of the most beautiful things in photography is the ability to capture a family together.  That snapshot of loved ones, remembered forever in that moment in spite of the speed with which they grow up!

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Miles | In The Frame Photography Ltd

Awards, Accolades & Publications

In The Frame Photography Ltd's primary photographer is Roisin Gregory, or 'Roz'.  She's been running the business for several years now, which has seen it grow in popularity, success and accolades.  Here, we showcase some of the awards and accolades she's received for her signature style.

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Roisin Gregory

Professional & Corporate Portraits

So we all know that we’re supposed to have “corporate headshots” or “professional profile pics”. You really can’t escape it! Statistics show that whether you’re in nuclear fission or sales of paper-clips, creating a personal connection as small as a photo, shows a marked improvement in sales, communications and recall.

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Winter Portraits

Winter has a way of casting a spell over nature - which is impossible to ignore. That feeling you experience when hearing frosted grass crunch underfoot, the white glow cast upon a spiderweb as frozen morning dew transforms it into a giant snowflake, or the stillness and silence which emanates from a snow topped vista; it has a way of bringing back memories of winters past and besides the mild frostbite encroaching on your toes and nose, it's slightly magical!

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