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Portrait Photography

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In The Frame Portraiture

One of the biggest appeals of portraiture has to be the intensity of the final shot. Through a camera lens, we are able to lay bare the person being photographed. The subject may choose to share a certain side to them, or make direct eye contact with the camera, perhaps. The lack of additional aspects of the final shot is what makes a portrait so effective. Through having such a minimal focus; you truly ensure maximum exposure. There are no distractions, and no need to force any particular effect with portraiture. It can be simplistic in form, but it is due to this that more can be explored with the subject, whether that’s a busy mum or a child celebrating their first birthday.

Studio Sessions

Fine Arts Portraits

Fine Arts photography creates some of the most beautiful, award winning photography.  It captures the appeal of portraiture with the magic of storytelling. 

Each fine arts photoshoot can vary slightly, the results depend on the subject, current resources – not to mention your own requests or ideas.  Find out more about Fine Arts photography in our blog.


Professional Portraits (Corporate & Business Photography)

A professional photoshoot from In The Frame Photography is the best way to ensure you’re presenting the best visual of yourself!  Our shooting style includes a breadth of posed and candid work, with a focus on bright, balanced and organic photography.  We avoid the cliche backdrop, and instead take inspiration from our lifestyle and fine-arts sessions, along with your work needs and environments, to create the best images possible. 

Childrens Photography

Porformer Portraits

Strong headshots and movement photography are staples to a dancer.  Actors, dancers and performers of all kinds need them every time they apply for a job, go to an audition or make any move on their careers.

The packages for performers are generally created around each performer – some require a controlled studio setting, whilst others find the freedom of outdoors to be more conducive to their talents.  Regardless, the versatile eye of In The Frame’s primary photographer, Roisin, is the real benefit.  Her award-winning work in fine arts photography creates a story in a single photo, her lifestyle work showcases a vivid range of natural, urban and historical environments to showcase the performer, and in the controlled realms of a studio – she shapes the image that best showcases the performer.

Arrange Your Portaiture Session

1 hour photo shoot with 3 included digitals
(then only buy those you like)


  • 1-hour session
  • Studio or Location*
  • Use of props & outfits
  • Online viewing gallery (password protected)
  • 3 digitals included – additional digitals £15 each
  • Watermarked gallery of 20 images to choose from

Locations beyond 5 miles from the studio (HP1 3AH) are charged at £10 for each extra mile travelled. 

This package includes up to 6 people. You’re welcome to add more – a session fee applies for each 6 above that.

Sorry, but we do not do passport photos.

But if none of these speaks to you get in touch. We can cater to any photography session you need. Got questions?

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The Portraiture from In The Frame includes Roz’s award winning Fine Arts Photography

Awards from the Guild of Photography

Awards from the Society of Portrait Photographers

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