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Product Photography
Capturing your products and services

Product Photography

Product Photography

Capturing your products and services

Showcasing products, or services for that matter is the most basic of online and social selling.  What the quality and calibre of these photos convey to your audience will determine your sales. 

The specifics of the session are always built around the client – it may be a post/drop-off of products that you leave with us to capture, or involve Roisin coming to your premises to capture the work you do.

An Essential Part of Business

Product photography is an essential part of any business selling goods online or in print. Capturing stunning images of your products makes them more appealing to potential customers, leading to increased sales and improved brand visibility. A professional product photography service, such as the one offered by In The Frame Photography, ensures that your products are beautifully showcased and presented to your audience. With five images included in each session, you can choose the best shots of your products from a selection of 20 unique and high-quality images. Don’t underestimate the value of product photography for your business – invest in it today and start seeing the benefits!

Arrange Your Product Photography

Product Photography

or £450 per half day

  • Personalised quote on request
  • Location or Studio with the use of props
  • An online viewing gallery (password protected)
  • Digitals included – additional digitals £20 each
  • Retainers available

This is a complicated area – after all, think of how many products exist! So quotes may vary.

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Without product photography, potential customers may not be able to fully visualise the product and its features. This can lead to confusion, hesitation, and ultimately a lost sale. High-quality product photos are essential in conveying the value and appeal of your product and can help to establish your brand and drive sales. By investing in professional product photography, you can showcase your products in their best light and increase their perceived value, leading to a more successful business.

Blog Accuracy

All our blogs and the information they contain are accurate at the time of publishing. However, over time our methods, prices and packages are likely to change - so if you have any queries please confirm with us when booking.