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Photography Sessions with Roisin

Photography Sessions with Roisin
Ky Teasdale
December 4, 2018

Are you looking to get the most out of your camera?  Would you like to take photographs of display quality?  Maybe you’re considering a new hobby or career in photography?  Perhaps just learn to take pictures of your children without red-eye, shadows, or uneven cropping?  The Introductory Photography Training Session by In The Frame Photography Ltd.’s principal photographer – Roisin Gregory, is designed for you. 

Camera ShyThere was a time when people felt the rise in digital technology would result in the fall of printed pictures and photography!  But as anyone with a photo of their kids as a screensaver, those ordering photo printed gifts online or simply scrolling through saved pictures on a lunch break will attest – this simply isn’t the case.  In fact, the change from camera phones being a novelty to a default feature has made photography a part of daily life. 

It’s not only the camera phone which has seen this rise in technological features – many digital camera users rely on their “smart” function or “auto” to get their images.  Sadly, this limits the abilities of the camera and the impressive results such a camera can produce.  These smart and auto functions have to guess at what the photo is of, try and use the available light and depth without considering options, and generally it uses the most common settings regardless of what would be best for the photograph.

Roz’s training session will teach you how to get out of these constraints and own your photographic abilities with the full range of options your camera possesses.  This will include a basic overview of focus, shutter speed, and aperture, before moving on to the main focus points of:


This is the placement of your subjects and surrounding objects. Take, for example, the many pictures this time of year, which feature someone in front of a Christmas tree.  After this training session, you’ll understand why having them step away from the tree, zooming out slightly and leaving the shutter open a little longer will give you a better image.

Finding the Best Light

Think a bright sunny day is great for photography? This is not always the case.  In fact, many wedding photographers love to see a thin layer of cloud cover on a special day – as it prevents harsh glares and shadowing.

Basic self-lighting

We can’t always be assured of ideal cloud cover or constantly shining sun.  So when you bring in you own lights – how do you set them up to ensure the photo is bright enough, without leaving your subject squinting or half in shadow?

Basic Editing

Digital technology has made photography more art than science for sure, but knowing how to correctly use the basic tools offered by photoshop will go a long way to perfecting your images.

With these tools in your arsenal, you’ll be able to produce impressive photographs which feature your subject brilliantly.  Not only that, but when an image doesn’t come out right – you’ll be able to recognise the problem, address it next time, and hopefully fix it in the editing stage.

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