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Modelling Showcases

Modelling Showcases
Roisin Gregory
October 26, 2017

Whilst there’s a huge importance for performer headshots and action images – especially those which are clean, clear, and well lit (as you can read in our previous blog, here), there’s also an invaluable place for styled photos. As many of our followers would have seen over the last few years, styled sessions and fine arts photography have become trademarks of In The Frame.

Character & Transformative

One of the most valuable avenues for styled photography for performers is the process of transformation. It’s obvious that any casting director, agent, or director would benefit from seeing photos which clearly show the performers look. But those in the casting process need to go further and envision the user in whichever role they’re looking to fill. Using the styled sessions from In The Frame, the performers’ portfolio expands to include a number of looks and appearances, whilst demonstrating the range of said performer.

Child Models & Performers

Many children put forward for modelling struggle to get recognised. There are far more models than jobs, and often bookers hope for the fresh unseen face with experience. Naturally – this is a conflict! To find a model who has not been featured elsewhere is the simple part, but know how that model will perform when on set, in front of a camera, and how well they can take direction. For that, the only test is experience and in lieu of starting their careers with previous experience, a Fine Arts session with In The Frame gets them used to the camera, reacting to direction and feeling comfortable enough to achieve great images. Roz’s experience with children of all ages has been invaluable and is evident in the results she is able to achieve from each session.

A further benefit of Fine Arts photography is the range it gives the child. This can often be a benefit, standing out among the many clear headshots on white background photos that the industry is saturated with. Having your child enter the modelling world supported only by images resembling a school photo would only prove to highlight inexperience.

Styled Photography Process

You can style yourself however you like in the photo session – perhaps as characters you best relate to, a range archetypes, or simply a fine arts shoot – taking your look and feel into something closer resembling art, not observation.

Our blog and site tells you a lot about each of these sessions, but we’ll happily walk you through the process or discuss any ideas/alternatives would like.

Blog Accuracy
All our blogs and the information they contain are accurate at the time of publishing. However, over time our methods, prices and packages are likely to change – so if you have any queries please confirm with us when booking.
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