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Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography
Roisin Gregory
October 11, 2018

It is without a doubt that pregnancy is an amazing time for a woman. Not only are you creating a miracle, but you’re also going through changes, in more ways than one. For women expecting for the first time (or the fifth), the feeling of excitement and anticipation is unmistakable.


Most mums-to-be have a desire to capture this magical moment in their lives by hiring a professional maternity photographer. Since growing a little human can be exhausting here, we are going to take a look at just a few of the benefits of hiring a maternity photographer.

The Perfect Pose

Let’s face it, you’ve waited a long time for this moment (your whole life). The last thing you would want is handing over your maternity photographer to some fly-by-night photographer who only realised they can click photos a few weeks ago. If you think that’s not a problem, you’d be surprised how many photographers pop up, who don’t really have enough experience, neither the flair to truly capture these very special moments.

If you want your baby-to-be to be happy with your efforts when they grow up, then you better hire a professional who has experience as a maternity photographer for a few years at least. Only an experienced maternity photographer can create that studio-like backdrop needed to create truly special photos, whether you go for a home or outdoor photoshoot. 

What to Wear?

Whether you’re standing by the beach or leaning against a tree, your maternity photo won’t give you the same effects if you do not wear the right clothes. Since the whole point of the maternity session is to capture that gorgeous belly, you’ll need to wear the right clothes (not maternity clothes). If you want to look back at your maternity photos fondly and think you looked rather stylish in them, then go for neutral or solid dark colours, and skip the florals, checks and plaids. Or even better, skip wearing clothes altogether and just wrap yourself up in a curtain. Regardless of what you finally go with, it’s safe to say that only an experienced photographer will be able to capture your beautiful baby bump the right way.  

You (and Your Baby Bump) are Beautiful!

So, you’ve waited for the 32nd week, and by now you’re feeling really round. If you are feeling anything but beautiful, you can talk to your maternity photographer about any insecurities of your expanding body. Talking to a maternity photographer is a great idea for gestating women. Besides, the whole point of a maternity photography session is to capture your beautiful baby bump so, let that be the focus, and nothing else. The important thing for moms who are expecting to remember is that whether it’s just you and your baby bump or the baby’s daddy as well, or the entire family, it is important to know that you look gorgeous. Only hire a professional maternity photographer in the UK such as, can make you feel comfortable and at home during the maternity photo shoot.

If you’re living in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire or its surrounding areas, contact, the premier maternity photographer who specialises in capturing those special moments with a keen eye and artistic expression.

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