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Why mini sessions are worth booking

Why mini sessions are worth booking
Ky Teasdale
February 26, 2019

5 Reasons Why Mini Sessions Are Useful

As the name suggests, mini sessions are the less time-consuming version of regular photo sessions. Mini sessions are mostly utilised in special events such as holidays and birthdays, where the family is hard pressed for time and wants to get things done in a jiffy. Make no mistake, the effort and creativity that go into mini sessions are just the same.

The photographer has to take care of a large group of people, edit stories, store pictures, and do plenty of follow-ups. Below are a few reasons why mini sessions are worth scheduling.

1. You Have a Small Family

Mini sessions are perfect for families who want to photograph five members or less. It is easier for small families to organise a photoshoot with the photographer, plus it’s not nearly as complicated. Since there are few people to manage in a controlled environment, mini sessions can often be more productive. It will still be necessary to guide the family members, but it will take very little time as opposed to a full-fledged photography session.

2. You Want to Update Your Family Portrait – Immediately

Mini sessions are ideal options for family members who haven’t updated their portfolio in almost a year. It saves them time and gets the job done. They can always focus on getting a more complete photography session at their leisure, for now, the important thing is to utilise the brief mini session to update your family portfolio.

3. You Are Not Ready to Commit to a Full Session

Most services offer bespoke packages for full photography sessions to accommodate the different budgets and needs of their clients. In many cases, clients simply want the bare minimum – a single good picture to update their social media. This neither requires a three-hour session, nor the price that it entails. And if that is what you want, then more power to you. A mini session will cover the basics, accomplish what you want, and put you on track for the full session.

4. Mini Sessions Are Simple and Easy to Follow Through

All the scheduling required for mini sessions, such as the venue, time, and date is already worked out. This saves families the hassle of doing a lot of guesswork, which may or may not pan out well. With mini sessions, all families have to do is simply show up for a few minutes, do as their photographer says, and voila. Plus it takes less processing time for the photographer to prepare your customised album and send it over to you in a matter of a few days.

5. Your Kids Are Still Very Small

Kids under the age of five are not easy to control, and this is true for both parents and photographers alike. This is why full sessions can be a bit frustrating for families because their kids struggle to comply with the photographer’s directions. Sometimes, a simple 30 minute-long mini session will give you enough time to capture the most picture-perfect memories that you are sure to treasure for years to come.

If you want to chat to us about booking a session in, you can call us here, or visit our studio!

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