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Why Good Photography Costs

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Why Good Photography Costs
Roisin Gregory
November 10, 2019

Photography services often come with sticker shock. How can it cost so much to hire a guy to snap a few photos? After all, if you’re on social media, you’re taking and uploading photographs all day long. 

It turns out that there’s more to photography than meets the eye. Yes, photographers are there snapping photos of you, your products, or whatever else you want them for, but a lot is going on in the background too. 

Amateur Photographer with Amateur Skills

Training Professional Photographers Is Expensive

First, training decent photographers takes a long time. Give the average person a camera and tell them to go out and do a shoot, and they’ll almost always come back with poor results. Which is why the cost of photography is really warranted. Professional photography is an art, so it takes a while to bring people up to standard.

Furthermore, training isn’t free. People put years of their lives into it: time that they could have spent earning money. They want a reward at the end of it: hence higher prices. 

There A Lot Of Hidden Hours

Second, there’s a heck of a lot of work that goes on in the background after once the shoot is over. 

Take editing, for instance. Editing takes a lot of time. While modern software provides photographers with a plethora of tools, it’s not automatic. They still have to tell the program what they want manually, which means a lot of fiddling around by hand. It’s by no means easy. 

Then there’s the cost of the software. Most photographers use Adobe products, like Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop. For many, Adobe is the best in the business, but it’s also mightily costly. Photographers, therefore, often have to pass on their costs to their clients. This is another cost of photography to be added on.

Processing takes time too. Transferring negatives to paper is often labour-intensive work. 

Time Is Money

Camera cost

Finally, there’s the cost of the consultation. 

Consultations are vital. They’re a chance for customers to communicate their needs to their photographers to ensure that they get the service that they want. 

Communication, however, takes time – and it’s not always easy. Translating the vision that you have in your head into words that a photographer understands is more challenging than you might think. It’s not automatic. 

Professional photographers have interesting and unique ways to get around this. Visualisations, portfolio examples and storyboards can all help, but there’s no getting around the absolute necessity of sitting down and hammering out your needs before the shoot gets underway,  

As with any other profession, time is money, so consultations are expensive, even if they just feel like you’re having a chat. 

The bottom line for why the cost of photography in Hemel Hempstead is this: you’re not just paying a photographer for the time that they spend with you on the shoot, but also their travel costs and the time that they spend editing too. For every hour that a photographer spends with you, they’re probably working another two serving your needs. So while paying £50 per hour might sound steep, when you break it down, you’re often getting a lot of value for money.

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