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We Now Accept Klarna Payments

We Now Accept Klarna Payments
Roisin Gregory
August 23, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that In The Frame Photography Ltd is now accepting Klarna payments, providing our valued customers with even more options to conveniently pay for our professional photography services. Klarna offers various payment solutions, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs. Whether you’re interested in capturing your special wedding day or cherishing the early moments of your newborn, our Klarna payment options make it effortless to bring your photography dreams to life.

Pay Now:

With Klarna’s “Pay Now” option, you can pay for your photography services immediately, ensuring a hassle-free experience. This option is perfect if you prefer to settle the payment at the time of booking, allowing you to tick off one more item on your to-do list. By selecting “Pay Now,” you can securely complete your transaction and move forward with planning the other aspects of your special occasion.

Pay in 30 Days:

For those who need a little more time, Klarna’s “Pay in 30 Days” provides a convenient solution. By selecting this option, you can enjoy our services today and delay the payment for up to 30 days. This flexible payment option allows you to focus on the experience and emotional value of your photoshoot, knowing that payment can be taken care of slightly later. In The Frame Photography Ltd values customer satisfaction, and Klarna’s “Pay in 30 Days” contributes to this commitment.

Pay in 3 Installments:

Klarna’s “Pay in 3 Installments” option allows you to spread the cost of your photography services into three equal payments, giving you financial flexibility without compromising on the quality of your photos. This choice is particularly beneficial for those planning larger events or budgeting around other expenses. By dividing the total cost into manageable portions, you can comfortably pay for your services over time while still enjoying the captivating moments captured by our skilled photographers.


If you require additional flexibility for your larger photography projects, Klarna’s financing option is designed to meet your needs. This choice enables you to finance your payment over a longer period with affordable monthly instalments. By selecting the financing option, you can seize the opportunity to capture your cherished memories while managing your finances more efficiently.

Customer Protection:

It’s important to note that all financial agreements made through Klarna are between the customer and Klarna. In The Frame Photography Ltd serves as a facilitator to enhance your payment experience by integrating Klarna as a trusted payment provider. Klarna’s seamless and secure payment process ensures that your financial information remains protected throughout the transaction.


At In The Frame Photography Ltd, we believe that preserving special moments in life should be accessible and convenient. By accepting Klarna payments, we strive to extend our commitment to excellent services to the realm of payment flexibility. Whether you’re planning your dream wedding or capturing the tender moments of your newborn, our Klarna payment options allow you to focus on what truly matters while conveniently managing your finances.

Visit our website to explore the captivating wedding photography packages and precious newborn photography packages Klarna is available for. Experience the joy of quality photography services supported by Klarna’s easy and flexible payment options. Begin preserving your cherished memories with In The Frame Photography Ltd today!

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