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Importance of Corporate Headshots

Importance of Corporate Headshots
Roisin Gregory
May 15, 2015

When trading in a culture where anyone can set up an online business and social media account in minutes, it’s important to stand apart from the faceless pop-up organisations, and make a personal connection. Corporate headshots aren’t a new concept, but they may now be more valuable than ever; let the photos do the introduction, begin building trust and reassure your clients that they will be working with people, not code.

In todays competitive markets, start-ups and SME’s spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds to curate their brand; the way in which they present themselves to the world. For larger companies, this easily escalates in to the millions, which is not surprising, when you consider that the internet has become the perfect stage for establishing oneself with just a website and social media presence. With an entire cast of competition standing on that stage, how do you ensure the spotlight is on your organisation? One simple solution is to stand out as a person, not a nameless, faceless player in the chorus.

It’s not uncommon for international companies to hire a local spokesperson, to become face of their business. Even within the same country spokes models are often hired. In each case these companies are trying to connect with the potential clients and customers by presenting a personalised front. Since the first time “press 1 for …” was uttered across phone lines, a disconnection between business and consumer began.


To an extent, this is an unavoidable situation – modern firms rely on technology to liaise with customers, whether through phone systems or simply their website and social media presence. The sheer volume of information that can be afforded to the client, at minimal cost to the company makes such interaction virtually mandatory. However, introducing your clients to the man behind the curtain, makes them feel connected.

Whilst this can be achieved in part with a personal biography and heartwarming anecdote, a far greater connection can be reached with corporate headshots and office photography. We’re social creatures, a quick glance at a photograph can determine many factors about a person – and in doing so, you’re forming a connection to the subject of said photograph. One of the most valuable resources between a business and consumer is trust – and it’s far easier to trust a person, than a block of text.

That’s what makes photographers like Roisin Gregory of In The Frame Photography Ltd so valuable. Roisin’s photography company, places a strong onus on the personality shining through. Her headshots capture more than the physical features of your staff, and creates a digital face-to-face for your clients. Beyond that, her personal approach eases you into the shoot:

“There’s no part of me that likes being on camera, but with Roz I was standing before some lights, having a comfortable chat – then left with a way to bridge the virtual gap between my clients and I”
K Teasdale, Orange Reel Web & Graphic Design.

Whilst many businesses eventually meet their clients face-to-face, the organisations who have garnered a personal relationship before hand, have a head start. Customers are done with the faceless unknowns on the stage. Put yourselves in the spotlight, so your business reaches clients on a personal level, for act 1 of your working relationship

Corporate Headshots:

Studio: £95 ph
Location: £120 ph

Each session includes the digital files taken throughout the booking, with editing facilities available for corrections, adjustments and compositions.

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