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The Christmas Mini Sessions 2022

The Christmas Mini Sessions 2022
Roisin Gregory
September 1, 2022

Welcome to September!  With it, of course, comes the final quarter of 2022.  As we head into autumn it’s easy to think there’s so much more of this year left… but thinking about it, there’s only a couple of months until we’re fully into the Christmas season.  I know some people cringe a hearing it so early (sorry!) but here at In The Frame Photography we’ve made the success of our mini Christmas photography sessions by announcing them early, starting them early, and giving people lots of time to book and make use of the photos (Not to mention giving ourselves the chance to plan great events)!

Our first session of this year is on Saturday the 17th of September, just over two weeks away, and it will happen down at the studio in Hemel.  We’re using one of our beautiful new backdrops for this day featuring lots of greenery, lots of white and a magical fresh winter feel without going to the cliché snow and ice.  An additional benefit of those booking this nature-styled session comes from the little stars and the moon – those festive touches in the background but don’t necessarily mean Christmas which creates a more “evergreen” feel for your photos (if you will excuse the pun).

These sessions are great for families coming together having, a little commemoration each year of how they were at Christmas.  As you might expect, they are also very popular to go on Christmas cards, to be sent out as gifts, and to be placed on almost anything that a photo can be printed on these days. Below you’ll see some of the gifts we can offer you.

The following day, Sunday the 18th of September sees our next session: the classic Christmas photoshoot that has the season’s wonderful festive feel thanks to our new backdrop set this Dickensian Christmas feel comes complete with Edwardian lamp posts, warm glowing lanterns, Christmas trees blazoned with lights, and a little wooden Christmas stand giving that winter fair on the frozen Thames feel. The Dickensian Christmas that many of our childhoods used to try and replicate. These, of course, are just the first two.  There are usually a couple of further sessions thankfully because these are nearly sold out already and today is the 1st of September.

If you’re struggling to choose between the classic Dickensian Christmas and the fresh winter greenery settings – why not go for both? You’re welcome to book two sessions come along on one day for the Edwardian wonder and another day for the magical-nature environment and have your pick of photos for Christmas and the new year. What’s more, anyone booking two mini sessions will receive an extra digital download, free of charge, on each booked session!  So, why not buy one for yourself give one as a gift and you each get a free additional photo? Saving you up to £30.

For seven years now, Roz has been running family photography sessions. This doesn’t just mean experience based on the number of man hours put in and the expert you become statistically.  This is a hard graft, which allows Roz to call upon many experiences of screaming babies, toddlers throwing tantrums, and grandpa trying not to fall asleep in between shots to get the session’s best possible photographs. Whilst we do rely on a teamwork system for you and your family to be as present and engaged as possible, Roz then has 100 tricks and techniques to elicit the very best memories of your family, as can be seen in the gallery below which many of our beautiful families photographed over the years.

This kind of photography session experience usually comes with a premium studio session fee.  These days it can easily start at 300 pounds. But that’s just one of the reasons why the mini-sessions are so important!  By condensing multiple shorter photoshoots into the same day using the same set-up, Roz can accomplish 10 times as many photography sessions, and your family gets to reap the rewards. Unlike others, Roz takes advantage of the cheaper overhead of these days by handing the discount straight back to the families who come. There are a couple of session options available this year. There is the Rudolph package, a 25-minute slot with two digital images to take away, for three people; and that package is only £49!  if you’re looking for a bit more, or have got a few more people to bring in, then try out the Santa package.  This option is 50 minutes long, you get five digital downloads (which you choose from the full online viewing gallery of 10) and a £5 voucher to use against any further products.  The Santa package is £99.

With each of these comes the classic Facebook teaser photo letting you peek at the images as fast as we get them together, and of course the opportunity to purchase additional digital images from the session at only £10 each (usually £15).

Helping you put those savings, and photos, to good use, we have a range of photo gifts available.  You can be assured of In The Frame quality for a great price.  Items such as prints, strut mounts, key rings, mugs, and many other items will be printed at the highest calibre available.

If these mini sessions aren’t quite right for you, don’t forget In The Frame Photography has a custom photography session upon request. Instead of the mini session, we can create your perfect photo shoot for all the family – whether you’re looking for that Christmassy feel or something neutral to use year-round.  Nothing we are offering is only available in the mini sessions apart from the great Christmas prices!

For those who have been with In The Frame for a few years, you’ll know that we like to do something extra at Christmas for those in our community, our customers, and our friends. Looking ahead it is likely to be a fairly difficult winter for some families. We have started considering what this year’s give-back might be.  In the past, we’ve done hampers, giveaways, competitions, local hero nominations, raffles, and so much more. Building on that, we would like to ask if you have any ideas for this Christmas season.  How might In The Frame Photography be able to lend its community support and help out families in our area, this winter? If you’ve got any ideas please drop an e-mail to or drop us a message on Facebook.

Blog Accuracy
All our blogs and the information they contain are accurate at the time of publishing. However, over time our methods, prices and packages are likely to change – so if you have any queries please confirm with us when booking.

Blog Accuracy

All our blogs and the information they contain are accurate at the time of publishing. However, over time our methods, prices and packages are likely to change - so if you have any queries please confirm with us when booking.