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Basics of Wedding Photography

Basics of Wedding Photography
Roisin Gregory
August 15, 2015

Photography is a crucial part of the wedding day for many couples; for what is built up as “The biggest day of one’s life”, those memories should be cherished as much as possible.  Photos are arguably the most tactile way of preserving the events, which is why the photographer is often the one who helps shape those memories most.


167aThe first step is obviously to find a photographer who not only has great photos, but who has a good rapport with the couple!  A company like In The Frame Photography Ltd is a great option – the showcased images on their website, along with the reviews, feedback and testimonials of previous bride and groom’s gives a solid representation of the work they produce; mix that with the personal touch Roisin brings to her shoots, and clients are presented with all the ingredients for truly personal memories.

Step two is a decision of what the photos should be comprised of; having seen the photography portfolio, the popular styles and poses will become self evident – but that shouldn’t be seen as a limitation!  Sites like Pinterest are full of boards, which in turn are full of inspiration for weddings and this photography can help narrow down some ideas.  Of course, some couples don’t have any specific shots or requirements – so it’s totally fine to tell the photographer that all decisions are up to her.

The most common photos requested at In The Frame Photography Ltd include:

  • Preparation photos
  • Leaving
  • Just before leaving for the venue – all ready and excited
  • Posed group shots
  • Entering the Church
  • Ceremony photos
  • Confetti/exit photos
  • Reception arrivals
  • Speeches
  • Cutting the cake
  • First dances
  • Leaving for Honeymoon
  • Candid shots, specific combinations and documentation of your day

This is of course no more than a few suggestions – and more are always welcome

Thirdly, think about the best location.  Whilst many couples prefer their photos at the church or venue, there is a growing trend of nice shots in parks, fields, beaches etc – nice backgrounds and romantic views for truly stunning images

Finally – editing.  Digital photography has opened up a world of possibilities to photographers and their clients.  High end digital cameras save images in unfinished or “raw” files, allowing the lighting, focus and colours to be finished on the computer after the event.  This allows for some wonderfully lit and framed photos.  But there’s still more available provided the photographer has the advanced skills used by In The Frame Photography Ltd, then airbrush and alterations are available.  Removing sections of the foreground or background, correcting stray hairs and skin blemishes – or going with a full retouch for a magazine-cover quality finish, which would look stunning on a blown up print or canvas  These options are all subjective, naturally, so images can be as organic or manicured as desired.

Throughout the decision making process – regardless of the outcome, it’s essential to have this conversation with the photographer.  If after the event, a couple decides they would have wanted shot X or are asking the photographer where “other images” are, it’s too late.  Any professional photographer knows how to arrange the day to the needs of the client – provided the client shares those needs!

If you’d like to have this conversation with Roz, and plan your wedding photography with In The Frame Photography Ltd, just get in touch!


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