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The Appeal of Portraiture

Portrait Photography
The Appeal of Portraiture
Roisin Gregory
May 10, 2018

It is because of the unique and personal connection that is captured with the subject that portrait photography is a long-standing favourite and an ever-popular choice for photographers far and wide. There is an alluring sense of going back to basics with a portrait shot. Depending on the type of portrait, there may be no props, and there are no large groups – merely the subject, and the photographer.  

Of course, we can’t forget the lighting, colours and background that still play an important role in the final shot, but the entire purpose of the process is to shine a light on the subject and find a side previously uncaptured. Through a camera lens, we are able to break down the barriers to create a completely unique, personal experience, and a collection of beautiful portraits to show for it!

One of the biggest appeals of portraiture has to be the intensity of the final shot. Through a camera lens, we are able to lay bare the person being photographed. The subject may choose to share a certain side to them, or make direct eye contact with the camera, perhaps. The lack of additional aspects of the final shot is what makes a portrait so effective. Through having such a minimal focus; you truly ensure maximum exposure. There are no distractions, and no need to force any particular effect with portraiture. It can be simplistic in form, but it is due to this that more can be explored with the subject, whether that’s a busy mum or a child celebrating their first birthday.

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A portrait shot enables an honest, and authentic representation of the subject, to be captured in just a moment. This ever-popular style of photography has stayed prominent for many years due to the sincerity of the shot that is produced, and how this moment can then be enjoyed for years to come. It is a moment in time, a laugh, a smile, or a thought, preserved through the lens. 

We are all familiar with the number of ways a subject can be captured on camera. With a heavy focus on a subject’s facial features and expression, portrait photography enables the photographer to connect with the subject through the lens on a deeper level. There is a completely personal quality to a portrait, unlike a group shoot, candid shot, or fine arts shoot. With a generation of selfie-takers and a growth in photo sharing platforms, the power of portraiture can sometimes be lost in the fray. When it comes to the experience offered with In The Frame, those long-standing qualities of portraiture photography have not been forgotten. We work on the principles of the perfect portrait, as well as the expertise of photographers trained in the field. Regardless of the purpose of the portrait, whether it be for work, play, or a present, the fundamentals of the long-established style of photography are still at the forefront of every photo session. Uniquely tailored to you, the photo session and experience with us will be as unique and memorable as that all-so-important final shot.

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