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Professional & Corporate Portraits

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Professional & Corporate Portraits
Roisin Gregory
February 16, 2017

Roisin Gregory

So we all know that we’re supposed to have “corporate headshots” or “professional profile pics”. You really can’t escape it! Statistics show that whether you’re in nuclear fission or sales of paper-clips, creating a personal connection as small as a photo, shows a marked improvement in sales, communications and recall.

Yet a huge number of people just don’t like being photographed! Sure, a selfie on Facebook or playing around with Snapchat effects is fun, but a photo like this which will go out to the world as a representation of exactly who you are? An image which will almost certainly be judged by the world at large? Worse still, if there are any preconceptions about 90’s style studios and plastered on grins… only to blink when the flash finally goes off!

Which is why In The Frame Photography’s professional portrait is perfect. Unlike many photographers, we are a multi-disciplined shutterbug co; our repertoire includes published fine arts photography, acclaimed wedding photography and brilliantly reviewed newborn photography – as just the tip of the iceberg. This range highlights the versatility, creativity and adaptability Roz brings to each session! Patience, understanding, and a drive to make sure you, as the subject, are comfortable! If there are any concerns about how the images will come out, just mention it upfront; between shooting angles, lighting, and post-production, the photos can be adjusted to show you at your best.

As you can see from those photos showcased in the gallery, these photos are designed to present the subjects in the best light, using varying styles. In some cases, the photos present the subjects in their work environment, in others – the focus is on light and welcoming images. Whatever the requirements, In The Frame can apply their creative talents to the project.

The most benefit from these professional photos goes to skilled professionals, the self-employed, and small businesses. The first is obvious, LinkedIn is now just one professional networking site among many, and yet it continues to grow and become one of the biggest avenues for professional recruitment. Even more established employment agencies and headhunters are now applying the LinkedIn “profile” model to their work – using photos and personal information to humanise candidates and forge a relationship between recruiter and applicant.

Self-employed and freelance workers are at an advantage in today’s trading economy – between the internet making businesses more approachable and social attitudes rebelling against the nameless, faceless multinationals, putting your face out there and introducing yourself as the person behind the business increases sales, and strengthens relationships.

For small businesses, the human touch speaks to the demographic of almost every industry. The group with biggest buying power in most sectors consists of 18-34-year-olds. This is a generation who not only say they prefer community integration, ethical sales, socially responsible companies and businesses who are open and honest… but they show it in the most important way there is for business – economically. This group of spenders will pay more for a product from a company they relate to and feel represents their community, over a cheaper priced service from the nameless, faceless multinationals!

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£ Discounted Prices
Our rates for Corporate and Professional Portraits are £45 for a 30-minute session for one person (£65 for a 1-hour session for two people), which includes 3 separate high res images. Let us know the look and feel of the images you have in mind (if any) and we’ll take it from there!

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