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Newborn Photography Sessions

Newborn Photography Sessions
Roisin Gregory
August 3, 2017

Lots of photographers do things differently, so this blog helps to tell you about newborn photography as a style, how we do it, and why we think that’s best.


So to start – what’s included?

We offer packages. Three, to be precise. Each includes the full session fee and a number of prints and some digital files. Many photographers charge a single price as the Newborn Photography Session, but it doesn’t include any of the photos. It’s a perfectly accepted way of operating, and very popular. We choose packages so that parents understand exactly what they’re paying and what they’re getting before they walk in, with no surprises. Of course, you can always upgrade to a package with more digitals or prints, or buy extras on their own after the session.

Can anyone be a newborn photographer?

Sadly, yes. The UK does not have any authority or body to regulate newborn photography. Even worse, there are misleading organisations – their logo gets put on websites and cards making them look official due to this membership, but there are no joining requirements. Just a fee. The organisation can be a valuable tool, and provide a community for like minded professionals, but it doesn’t provide any assurance for you.

It is worth looking out for things like The Guild of Photographers accreditation and awards. Being a member and winning awards requires ability and is professionally judged. It is not specific to newborn photography but will show you the photographer is most likely a professional.

Does that matter? Can’t anyone do it?

Working with newborns is always a risk – with no training or expertise, you’re manipulating a delicate newborn body! Roz’s training includes a huge range of positions, poses and newborn handling. Babies don’t always want to lay still in pretty poses, so working with them can be difficult! Having a camera does not qualify someone to do this work.

It’s worryingly simple to look official, but you can’t fake the session. Without proper training, there are actual photographers out there forcing newborns into positions they can’t manage. They will most likely be cheaper, yes – but no discount is worth that risk.

Why Roz?

“In 2013 when I first started photographing my babies, I was unhappy with the way my pictures looked; baby looked uncomfortable and somewhat startled. My idea of a newborn baby picture should not be awkward looking but settled, comfortable! I was inspired by Tracy Willis’ work and liked the way she worked her magic. Her images were incredible. I then researched further training, then attended her newborn safety training, and from that took other courses with several photographers to learn flow and posing (amazing friends and photographers Hannah Evans, Charlotte Maddison and Sujata Setia) – adding to what I’d already learnt. I have 5 children and not planning to have more, so being able to work with babies is incredible. But there’s an innocence in newborns – a blank canvas, which means despite the props and the outfits, what I capture is this brand new character, without any attitude, distractions or desires in their life”

How is it done?

First, it’s important to know that most images are composites. This means that Roz may take a photo with a hand supporting the babies head from the top and another from the side. These photos are then photoshopped together to remove the helping hands. These complicated techniques keep the newborn safe at all times, whilst getting brilliant photos.

Newborn Compositie Examplenb composite2

Of course, all the talent and technique in the world play second place to the patience required. We usually suggest 2-4 hours for a newborn shoot, waiting for the baby to settle often takes more time than the photography. But as most mothers learn early – newborns cannot be rushed!

This hopefully gives you lots of information to help you choose your newborn photographer. Naturally, we hope the information we’ve shared, along with the examples and testimonials below, will lead you to pick us! But whoever you pick, ensure they’re genuine and trained to keep your baby safe at all times.

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{SCOpenGraph description=Lots of photographers do things differently, so this blog helps to tell you about newborn photography as a style, how we do it, and why we think that’s best.}
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