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Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography
Roisin Gregory
September 1, 2015

As Newborn Photography is amongst the most popular services In The Frame provides, we felt it was time to give out a bit more information about the whole process. As every first time parent with a camera has established – babies don’t always want to cooperate. What’s our secret to perfect photos? 3 parts training, 2 parts experience and 1 part digital artistry!

Naturally training is the most important step, so before we go any further lets state this clearly – Roisin (who conducts In The Frame Photography’s Newborn Shoots) is fully trained in Newborn photography. Both theoretical and hands on training in an academic scenario, and training one on one with some of the best photographers in this field – she has been trained in correct and safe posing, handling and shooting. Unfortunately there are photographers available who will take jobs like this without such training; whatever factors help to decide on the right photographer, make sure they have the training.

The last of the training ingredients is simple, straightforward photography. The majority of the world carries a camera in their pocket these days. and whilst for most of us that means selfies, snapshots and savoured moments – it has also manifested in an uprising of point-and-click photographers. Roisin‘s training means that clients can be assured, she has the skill and expertise to carry out every step of the shoot with efficient professionalism.

Experience is an invaluable tool in every walk of life – and a widely utilised barometer of one’s abilities; this is obvious in the case of In The Frame Photography Newborn Shoots, by those showcased on the site. We’d be happy to show off some more of our shoots and client feedback, if there are any unanswered questions.

The second part of the experience ingredient doesn’t come from photography or eclectic, nuanced training but from the oldest and most trusted know-how possible: maternal wisdom. Roisin is mother to 5 children, and as the bulk of a Newborn Shoot is often relaxing, settling and reassuring baby, there can be no argument that the organic, hands on experience of a mother is invaluable.

Next we take all the above, and add a little digital artistry to the potion that creates perfect baby pictures. What that basically means, is that most of the photos seen, weren’t shot like that. There may be a finger supporting baby’s head here, or a bean-bag supporting dad’s arm which carries baby there. The shoot is set up to the needs of the family first, which is then edited to suit the photo – at no point do we need to compromise on safety, comfort or contentment of the baby or parents to get the shot.

So that’s how we take 3 parts training, 2 parts experience 1 part digital artistry to get our Newborn photography, as easy as you can say:

“3 … 2 … 1 … Smelly Nappy!”

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