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How a Lifestyle Session Photos Are Utilised

How a Lifestyle Session Photos Are Utilised
Roisin Gregory
April 22, 2022

This Spring, Ryan & Lisa, along with their 3 boys, came to In The Frame Photography Ltd for one of our lifestyle shoots. Fortunate with the weather, we were about to stroll about the county spaces around Hemel Hempstead and capture some fantastic moment of the family together. Producing a range of photos to be used in many areas of their lives!

Why Get a Lifestyle Sessions?

Ryan & Lisa’s family have been long time clients, coming back a couple of different times. They’re familiar with the studio shoots, mini sessions, and other offerings we have – but recognised Lifestyle to be one of their best options. With 3 boys (Harry – 9, Tommy – 9, and Arthur – 5), getting them to sit down and smile at the camera whilst being themselves, not getting bored, and remaining happy about it was a struggle that wasn’t going to create the best outcomes. But as a family who spend time outdoors on walks, fishing, days out, and many many weekend mornings pitch side at the boys football games, Lifestyle just made sense.

This session captured the essence of the family brilliantly by letting the boys run about and be themselves, not confining them to mannequin poses.

What photos did you get from the session?

We were able to capture the true nature of the family, the impulsive and excited activity of young boys yet the sedate stroll together for mum and dad.

Naturally, with 3 boys, this included embarrassed kids grossed out over their parents kissing. It also had happy family moments, some casual encounters and more sober images.

How are they using the photos?

To start, the timing of the session was no accident. Ryan & Lisa are getting married this year and are using the photos in their stationary and wedding activities. Here’s the RSVP postcard that’s on the way to guests ahead of the big day.

Lisa has had many printed and mounted to go up round the house, in frames and canvases, as you might expect. They’ve used these photos on phone lock screens, on social media to show their friends and family, as well as profile pictures and cover images.

Other ways these photos have been useful includes activities for the boys (for example, Harry has been selected for an Elite goalkeeping training camp in Belgium this year and a good photo of children is required), Ryan & Lisa have always given photos as gifts around Christmas and birthdays – these pictures are perfect for those!

What else should be considered?

The biggest factor that people don’t appreciate with photographs is usually, time. In the coming months, years, and decades, they’ll all be able to look back at these photographs and their time together. They will become part of the map that tells this family’s story and a snapshot of how they were in this moment.

Sure, we might laugh at funny hairstyles, or clothes, in the coming years, but we’ll appreciate the times they spend together, how happy this family is, and what is meant to have the memories immortalised.

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