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Fine Arts Photography

Fine Arts Photography
Fine Arts Photography
Roisin Gregory
August 17, 2016

Whilst it’s a growing trend filling the walls of homes in the UK, there are still many who don’t quite understand what Fine Arts Photography is – and understandably so! There is no direct definition of the field, which makes things harder to grasp – but in a way, that’s logical.

“All art is subjective.”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.”

These quotes are widely accepted as true, which is what makes the search for understanding in Fine Arts Photography so difficult. For our purposes, the best way to comprehend the field is through the photographer who so beautifully encompasses it for In The Frame Photography Ltd – Roisin!

Roz’s Fine Arts Photos are a retro-pastiche of early20th-century iconography. Naturally, being a field of art there is a large amount of variation in her interpretation for the shots, but as you can see from the gallery below, she grasps the innocence of children against the backdrop of what is seen as a simpler era. The primary tool to produce these amazing pictures is the skill, expertise and technique of the photographer. Paired with the equipment she uses, the post-production suite utilised and a range of props and subtle costumes provided. The goal is not to completely replicate another photo or time, rather to emulate the artistic merits with a view of creating beautiful photography.

For the customer – these shoots are a wonderful way to create family photos which have character, a little fun and add art to a family home – staring the family! The shoot packages start at £175 for a Fine Arts Lifestyle shoot – whilst Roz will handle the specifics of styling the shoot, customers are free to submit requests or ideas which will be taken into consideration in the process of designing the photoshoot.

Take a look at the gallery of Roz’s current Fine Arts Photography work, and click here to book your own, or ask more about the field!

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