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Let autumn add a splash of colour to your CV, with an inspiring mini business photography session

Let autumn add a splash of colour to your CV, with an inspiring mini business photography session
Roisin Gregory
September 10, 2020

Business photography has seen a bit of an endorsement this year. Not necessarily a surge of new photography sessions (but they have started) but in the photos of years past getting rolled out and utilised more than ever! As experts agree that the job market is about to get very crowded and that our ability to adapt our networking techniques invaluable, how is it that you’re setting yourself apart?

Before Google Images sat in my pocket at arm’s reach, I’m not sure I ever realised how much I like to know what people look like.  The expression “put a face to the name” being such common parlance, suggests I’m not the only one, though.  I’m constantly tapping someone’s details into Google to have a face to match with the name.  With that in mind – what do people find when it’s your name they search?

Business photography example - Josh

Since online business soared in 2020’s rapid change of pace, sites like LinkedIn and Upwork Profiles have seen a surge in their use (for so many reasons).  As you are no doubt aware, many people are doing business today without ever having met in person.  Whilst not unheard of before, it’s certainly a normal which was infrequent in 2019.  Without having that chance to shake a hand, swap business cards, chat about the weather over coffee whilst waiting for the meeting to come together, interactions just don’t hold the memorability as before.

Perhaps there is a counterbalance to that in the likelihood of a new LinkedIn connection and interactions on the post.  But how many days does it take for that to break down?  Does your profile picture truly represent the “you” they see in the occasional Zoom call?

I’ve been doing corporate headshots as part of my photography since day one.  Some are typical conference room, slightly angled, head and shoulder pose – others are creative and reflective of the work people do.  My business photographs have included DJ lights, a dancer in splits, capturing therapy and coaching conversations in progress – plus loads more.  See, the true value here is in allowing a bit of personality to come into the photo – the last thing needed is corporate washing and eliminating any unique attributes.

If you are running a business, managing staff, representing, or being represented online – how do you want to do it?  Should there be nothing but a logo and nameless, faceless communication? Or are you working from an old pic, mirror shot, or holiday snap? What’s more, how are you being perceived based on this representation? We can’t control what others think of us but we can control how we present ourselves.

My outdoor business photography could be exactly the ticket you need.  There’s no big production here, it’s you, me (entirely socially distant and safe), my camera and expertise, and the world around us.  What’s more – it’s a £35 session that takes half an hour and will net you 3-5 professional photos (but you’ll get access to a gallery of everything and are welcome to purchase others too).  We can be around where you work, in the park, or if you really want to bring some colour to your career – let’s use autumn as your backdrop.

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As you can see, nerves and unease are common in Business Photography but I’ve been doing this for years and know how to put you at ease, and let you go through at your pace.  My aim is to help you be comfortable and forget the camera is even there.

If you would like to book a mini business photography session, there’s a form under the gallery below. If you want some more generic photography – check out In The Frame’s portraiture.

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