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Acts of Community Kindness

Acts of Community Kindness
Ky Teasdale
December 14, 2020
This Christmas, In The Frame wanted to give a little back to the community which has helped and supported each other through such a challenging year.

To do this, Roz is going to be highlighting some of the wonderful things you and others in the community are doing. Not only that – but she’s collected a range of gifts to give out to those taking part in the community spirit.

Such acts of community kindness might include:

  • Buying a box of biscuits for an elderly neighbour
  • Posing in the Dacorum Acts of Kindness group
  • Giving a pair of gloves to a homeless person
  • Donating a couple of quid to any charity

These don’t need to be HUGE acts (we don’t expect anyone to go handing out their internal organs unless it’s right for them!) and the gifts Roz chooses to give wont just be for the biggest, best, most flashy acts. The goal here is to make small acts of kindness a more everyday event – with the wonderful Christmas Spirit on board to fuel our community kindness campaign.

The gifts Roz is giving out are all purchased by In The Frame with some businesses subsidising or topping up the donation to give out something bigger/better! Roz is also looking to keep all these purchases from small local businesses and shops – a small act that would be great for you to do too!

Some of the gifts included are:

  • Two hampers full of goodies
  • VR Headset
  • Ultimate Ear WiFi speakers
  • In The Frame Gift Voucher (worth £129)
  • £100 in Cash
  • Pet Portrait by an amazing artist
  • Plus more to come

If you’d like to donate a prize towards the Community Kindness campaign, top up one that Roz purchases or just contribute to the prize funds, email

This community drive has ended but come back soon for our next

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