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13 Fantastically Spooky Halloween Crafts for 2022

13 Fantastically Spooky Halloween Crafts for 2022
Roisin Gregory
October 28, 2022

If you guys are anything like us, then Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to have a little fun be a little silly and get a little spooky!  So, this Halloween we share 13 of our favourite little crafts and activities to decorate your space and create some spooky fun. most of these are family activities and suitable for kids of various ages though many are going to require parental supervision.

The Classic TP Bat!

This is an absolute classic. Any craft fan knows that the inside of a toilet paper roll kitchen towel is just another ingredient for creating. One of the most common ways they are used is the Halloween bat! All you need is some black paper, glue, scissors, a pencil and a few other decorating bits and pieces if you like.  This video from Easy Kids Craft will walk you through it brilliantly.

Bouncing Paper Ghosts

These we found on the same channel as our TP Bats, and they are so so cute and extra easy to do!  Want to have a little more fun with them? Try hanging them on doors or upside down on the ceiling.

Apple Print Pumpkins

Some of these activities can be tricky for smaller hands, but the art of printing from fruit & veg is a classic for a reason!  Forget carving into a potato for this one, though.  You can make your pumpkin stamp from half an apple!  Check out this walkthrough from First Palette.

Bowl of Worms

This is a more delicious craft – and a creative way to creep out people unsuspecting!  Using a handful of straws (paper work just as well as plastic), you mix up some jelly and leave them to set. Peeling the jelly from the straw mould leaves a fantastic wiggly worm!

Want to add a more realistic touch to your bowl of worms? Crushed-up Oreo biscuits make quite the perfect soil for your worms to wriggle through.

Spooky Photo Frame

Ready for our tenuous excuse to be making Halloween crafts as a photography company? Try turning your favourite pics from your last In The Frame Photography session, into Halloween frames for spooky pics!  All you need for these is some paper, paint, glue, and the creative favourite – lolly sticks!  See how much you can achieve with this walkthrough from The Keeper of the Cheerios.

Hanging Ghosts

This MomBrite craft idea looks like an easy for for many ages, without needing a raft of craft “essentials”!  We take a paper ghost (either cut out your own or use the printable they provide), glue on some cotton wool balls, glue some facial elements on top and add some string! Make the ghosts double sided and hang them from hidden doorways for some great scares.

Halloween Lanterns

The Crafting Chicks bring us this next crafty classic – if you were doing school crafts activities in the 80s and 90s, you’ll remember them fondly! These paper cut activities always create some brililant outcomes.  What’s more, with the growing popularity in LED Tealight candles, you’ll be in safer company than our traditional flame days.

Pumpkin Carving

It would be very remiss of us to talk about halloween crafts without bringing up the classic carved pumpkin – or Jack O’Lantern if you fancy getting American about it.  What greater symbol of halloween is there, afterall?  These brilliant templates from BBC Good Food would be perfect for anyone wanting to add that wow factor!

Chalk Marker Pumpkins

If you want to take you goard-game up a level, try out these chalk marker pumpkins.  The simplicity of white lines on black shapes is so basic it becomes easily elegant – with lots of spooky potential if you wanted that, too.

Egg Box Pumpkin Pots

When it comes to crafting – another classic ingredient is the egg box!  Take these little egg box ideas and with a little orange paint and a pipe cleaner (or simple stick if it’s easier) you’ve got these cute little pots for halloween sweets

Masking Tape Mummy

Another easy one for little hands (Help from an adult for scissors of course) is these adorable little mummys!  A simple project – draw a person shape (or any shape), add strips of masking tape as your mummy wrappings and cut out! Want to make them extra spooky? Why not add some string and hang them with your cotton ball ghosts, above!

Pine Cone Spider

When is a pine cone not a pine cone? When it’s a VERY spooky spider! 

These little creepers would be terrifying to find in a dark alley one night (or perhaps in the bed of an older brother or sister!).  Yet they’re crazy simple to make – we take a pine cone, glue on some eyes and weave through a few pipe clearners!

Head in a Jar!

Naturally the pièce de résistance is putting your own child’s head in a jar – what could be spookier!  This fantastic little trick mainly needs a little clever photo editing (the front of a face and each profile, blended together), a large jar, and some coloured water!

Here, we’ve used Roz’s son, Mitchel, to create our head.  Printed him out on a standard household printer and laminated it, pushed this rolled up piece of paper into a big jar with some water, washing up liquid (for consistency) and black ink (food colouring works too). 

Happy Halloween from all of us at In The Frame!

Blog Accuracy
All our blogs and the information they contain are accurate at the time of publishing. However, over time our methods, prices and packages are likely to change – so if you have any queries please confirm with us when booking.

Blog Accuracy

All our blogs and the information they contain are accurate at the time of publishing. However, over time our methods, prices and packages are likely to change - so if you have any queries please confirm with us when booking.