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Double Digits
Double Digitals

Throughout July!

To celebrate 10 years of fantastic times…

I can’t believe how lucky I am to capture so many great memories for so many people.  I feel truly honoured to have captured the little tiny toes of newborns and people’s weddings – celebrating their commitment to each other.  I’ve taken many beautiful pictures that are now on people’s walls and memories that will live on forever.

Double Digits
From Hobby to Award Winning Photographer

My journey started in 2013.

I loved taking photos of my own children. What parent doesn’t? But I’ began to explore composition and framing; looking to capture more than just an image.  I was soon approached by a local photographer – asking me to work for her studio which expanded my experience.  I knew that I wanted to do something more than this.

After my marriage, I spent time gaining my business degree – combined with my photography skills and experience, I launched my own firm – In The Frame Photography Ltd.

Off I went and hired out community centres and school fairs, often working for free to hope someone liked my photography.

Any monies I earned, I reinvested into my little business to improve my skills to provide a better service to my customers.  This has taken many years of learning, mentoring, workshops and various college courses. I’ve trained with the best teachers in the industry for each genre.

I’ve been so lucky to have so many family, friends and loyal customers who have accompanied on my journey and that supported me through.

After a few years, I took the leap and got my first studio, where I stayed for 8 years. I became well-known and often would get recommended for work. I’m so fantastically grateful to our community for that support.

Last February, I decided to build my own dream studio!

Thanks so much for your support- here’s to another 10 years 😀


To celebrate my business anniversary and show my appreciation, I’ll be offering an amazing deal for July. ” Double Digits equals Double digitals”.

Each of the following sessions are available!

*Excludes packages, weddings, newborns, and mini sessions. Includes studio sessions and outdoor sessions.

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