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Family Photography: How has photography changed?

Family Photography: How has photography changed?
Roisin Gregory
October 1, 2019

Anyone who looks at a camera from thirty years ago and then the camera on their smartphone can see that a lot has changed in the last few decades. However, it’s not just the technology has changed in the world of family photography. Other things are different too, such as how and when we take photos. Now that everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, we can take photos whenever we want. This means we all have plenty of selfies, as well as candid shots we get when we’re having fun. The times we turn to professional photography are often at special events, such as weddings, or on official occasions, from school photo day to photos at work.

The classic family photography

Are Family Portraits Dead?

Family photography and portraits are nothing new. When cameras were first available, those families that could afford to would often have family portraits taken. From way back in the middle of the 19th century, we’ve been driven to make our memories tangible. As the years have gone by, families have got together to take photos in both formal or informal situations. But has the simplicity of getting photos reduced their significance? Do you still make time and effort to ensuring you have an up to date family portrait? If you look at your family photos from the last few decades, you’re sure to find scenes of all kinds.

Some of them might be nicely seated family portraits from a professional photography studio. Others might be from various weddings, birthdays and just regular days with the whole family together. They can be precious memories – or they might sometimes be a little embarrassing!

Family portraiture in the past was likely to be a lot more formal than it is today. You can easily find photos from the past 30 years, or even the past 130 years, with the whole family in their Sunday best. Other photography was likely to be similar, with a plain backdrop and everyone facing the camera. These photos might not have shown anyone much about the family’s life, their personalities or how they interacted with each other. But over the last few decades, things have changed due to changes in technology and attitudes.

Family Photography in the Digital Age - the selfie
The 21st Century Family Photography?

The Social Media Influence

Even though we can now all take photos whenever we want, without even having to carry a separate camera, there are still plenty of people who use professional photographers for their special family photos. A quick photo on your iPhone is easy to take, but it’s not the same as professional-quality photographs. It’s one of the reason we offer the range of portraits we do.

One of the things some people might think about when taking family photos today is sharing them on social media. In the past, your photos would have gone into a photo album or photo frame. People would have been unable to see them until they came to your home. Today, anyone can see your family photos, which makes it easy to share them with friends and family around the world. This also means that people might think a bit more about their photos and whether people will like them. Once something is online, it’s not always easy to remove it, so making sure your photos are perfect is a priority.

Families today love to play with all sorts of ideas to make their professional photos fun. They don’t need to be in a studio and even when they are, there’s so much potential with different backdrops, outfits and props. Today’s family portraits can be posed politely for a photo you can send to the grandparents, but there’s also a lot of fun to be had. Some of today’s trends for modern family photography include trying out different settings, from your home to open fields and urban environments, capturing candid moments, and choosing more casual outfits and backgrounds.

Make Family Photos Fun!

Another way that your family photography can be made more fun is to print it in different ways. You might not have a traditional photo album anymore, but your family photos can be printed onto just about anything. You can have a large canvas made to display in your home, or print your photos on your family Christmas cards. Creating fun gifts for your extended family with your photos can be fun too, from mugs to coffee table books. You will also often receive digital files from a photo shoot, making it easy to share your photos online.

Like many other things, photography today is faster and more accessible than ever. However, it also shares another trait with things that have changed over the last few decades. You can still get much better results when you use a professional for your family photography, even if you could technically do it yourself. A professional photographer can really help you get the most from your family photos, helping you to create beautiful images that you can keep forever and share in different ways.

Blog Accuracy
All our blogs and the information they contain are accurate at the time of publishing. However, over time our methods, prices and packages are likely to change – so if you have any queries please confirm with us when booking.

Blog Accuracy

All our blogs and the information they contain are accurate at the time of publishing. However, over time our methods, prices and packages are likely to change - so if you have any queries please confirm with us when booking.