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Our Approach

For many weddings, our day starts with the bride; from hair and make up through to the first dance. Along with the standard posed photos, and family shots we aim for candid moments – the points in the day cherished throughout the years, for their authenticity. Our packages with a second shooter are a great for this.

Whilst our goal is organic photography, digital images give a certain range of flexibility in editing. This allows light corrections on a dark day through to air brush edits (by request only)

For those seeking a little extra, we work hand in hand with videographers, to preserve the day in both still and action formats.

Photography Team

  • Roisin Gregory

  • + Second Photographer


Beyond the listed packages, tailored services can include photo prints and products (photobooks, acrylic blocks, canvas etc), prop studio for an injection of fun, additional photographer to capture more.  We can also provide hair dresser and make up artists whom we trust and have worked with at weddings for years.

Finishing Touches

Ensuring the photos are perfect

Digital photography has opened up a world of possibilities to photographers and their clients.  High end digital cameras save images in unfinished or “raw” files, allowing the lighting, focus and colours to be finished on the computer after the event.  This allows for some wonderfully lit and framed photos.  But there’s still more available provided the photographer has the advanced skills used by In The Frame Photography Ltd, then airbrush and alterations are available.  Removing sections of the foreground or background, correcting stray hairs and skin blemishes – or going with a full retouch for a magazine-cover quality finish, which would look stunning on a blown up print or canvas 

Preparation Photos

Getting ready with those closest to you

Venue & Decorations Images

The Setting of Your Big Day

Images of The Tiny Details

Capturing all the work you put into this day
Our Extra Little Touches
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Hemel Hempstead Wedding Photography


The Essentials in Wedding Photography


  • Free consultation
  • Ceremony & family formal shots
  • Bride & Groom pictures
  • 2 Hours photography
  • Facebook teaser
  • Online viewing gallery- link of pic to download
  • 30-40 images 
Hemel Hempstead Wedding Photography


Our Most Popular Package


  • Free Consultation

  • Preparation pictures

  • Ceremony and family formal shots

  • Bride and Groom pictures

  • Up to 8 hours photography or up until the first dance – (whichever comes first)

  • Usb of images

  • Facebook teaser

  • 20 x 7×5 prints

  • Signed guest mount

  • 16×20 print

Hemel Hempstead Wedding Photography


The Elite of our Weddings


  • Free consultation

  • Preparation Pictures & Ceremony and family formal shots

  • Second photographer

  • Bride and Groom pictures

  • Up to 8 hours photography or up until the first dance

  • Usb of images

  • Facebook teaser

  • 5 x10x8 prints in strut mounts

  • 16 x20 canvas   

Blog Accuracy

All our blogs and the information they contain are accurate at the time of publishing. However, over time our methods, prices and packages are likely to change - so if you have any queries please confirm with us when booking.
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