Why You Need Professional Headshots

Business photography example - Josh
Entrepreneurs and creatives will all understand the power of brand image when it comes to running a business. Although many people believe that your skills, education and knowledge are the first things employers look at, it might actually be your professional headshot that grabs...

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Photography Sessions with Roisin

Are you looking to get the most out of your camera?  Would you like to take photographs of display quality?  Maybe you’re considering a new hobby or career in photography?  Perhaps just learn to take pictures of your children without red-eye, shadows, or uneven...

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Maternity Photography

It is without a doubt that pregnancy is an amazing time for a woman. Not only are you creating a miracle, but you’re also going through changes, in more ways than one. For women expecting for the first time (or the fifth), the feeling of excitement and anticipation is unmistakable....

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The Appeal of Portraiture

Portrait Photography
It is because of the unique and personal connection that is captured with the subject that portrait photography is a long-standing favourite and an ever-popular choice for photographers far and wide. There is an alluring sense of going back to basics with a portrait shot. Depending...

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Modelling Showcases

Whilst there's a huge importance for performer headshots and action images - especially those which are clean, clear, and well lit (as you can read in our previous blog, here), there's also an invaluable place for styled photos.  As many of our followers would have seen over...

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Tonimarie & Dan’s Vow Renewal

There's magic in many of the events and sessions I'm a part of, but on the 5th of August, I got to take part in one of my favourites to date! The event was a vow renewal for Tonimarie & Dan - who I'm lucky enough to call friends as well as clients. Having done a version of...

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Princess Photoshoots

Styled Sessions
It's beautiful, to be a princess.  It's something little girls don't need to learn and don't need to be told.  All it takes is a pretty dress, a spot of glitter and they are beautiful - no matter how they look.  In The Frame's Styled Sessions do just this.

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Blog Accuracy

All our blogs and the information they contain are accurate at the time of publishing. However, over time our methods, prices and packages are likely to change - so if you have any queries please confirm with us when booking.
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