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1st Birthday Photosessions

Great for babies and toddlers alike, but most popular for 1st birthday photos. A cake smash is exactly what it sounds like!  Your little one, dressed in their finest – sat before a beautiful cake for them to smash, destroy and pull apart!

Exciting, Emotive, & Treasured

Whilst incredible popular, the trend for cake smash sessions has one emerged in the last decade or so.  The premise is simple – a cake decorated to celebrate your childs first birthday – and a baby set loose upon it! We capture the excitement and treasured moments, from first introduction, through play, taste and smash!  With the added Splash element, we capture just as much fun through the cleanup.
We provide props, decorations, all the little extras…
…all you need is a baby and a cake!

Arrange Your Cake Smash

1 hour photo shoot, up to 5 edited digital images


  • 1 Hour session
  • Outfit and decorations provided
  • Theme around the cake
  • Cake not provided
  • Online viewing gallery ( password protected)
  • 5 digitals included (additional digitals £15 each)
  • Watermarked gallery of 20 images to choose from
  • Bring a couple of outfits, just in case
  • Get a cake with soft frosting, as hard icing can be tough (We recommend Tricia’s Cakes & Cupcakes, tell them it’s for a cake smash and they’ll get the perfect cake)

  • Make sure the cake looks exciting for your child – maybe a character they love or just bright colours
  • If your little one isn’t keen on messy hands, plastic utensils and wood spoons can make great play tools
  • Relax. We’ll clean up all the mess later, so just enjoy the moment so your little one can too
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The Cake Smash is one of our more popular shoots, but for all those bringing their kids in for a messy memory making play time session, there are just as many confused by the whole concept.

So imagine a perfectly decorated cake with smooth frosting or possibly a personalised message from your favourite Disney character.  To you, this may look like a tasty treat.  To a 1 year old it looks like a tasty assault course, projectile, paints medium, dress up accessory and pillow in one!  The Cake Smash shoot is about letting the baby/toddler go crazy, letting their imagination run wild and taking photos of them having a fantastic time; without the rules.

Traditionally, it’s a photoshoot to commemorate a child’s first birthday.  In many cases, it’s the child’s first real taste of sugar – which, of course, only adds to the hyper-excitement of their enjoyment.  They’ve been popular for children over the past 10-15 years, with some families doing them for every child as they reach their 1-year milestone.  There is no consensus of the Cake Smash origin, there are theories about it being an adaptation of the traditional Mexican face-plant birthday cake, as well as some Australians having done cake smashes for decades in their families.  Regardless of the roots, the internet has caused this to become a birthday sensation!

They come to the studio in Hemel Hempstead, wearing a pretty dress or smart outfit.  Sit down in front of the camera, get handed a cake and ACTION!  We have cake smash outfits, wooden spoon, bunting and a cake stand to use in the shoot; we also do the Smash & Splash and provide a bath to clean up afterwards!  If you choose to bring a specific outfit, we can take a dressed up shot first, before it gets all messy (free of charge).  But the shoot can go in any direction and should you want to incorporate a specific theme, just let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate.
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