Why You Need Professional Headshots

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Entrepreneurs and creatives will all understand the power of brand image when it comes to running a business. Although many people believe that your skills, education and knowledge are the first things employers look at, it might actually be your professional headshot that grabs their attention. People can make a snap judgment about you in around two to five seconds, so why wouldn’t you want to look smart and polished in your online profile? Professional headshots are a surefire way to ensure you are taken seriously in your industry, so consider adding some to your portfolio and increase your credibility.

The Advantages of a Polished Image

Did you know that more than 40% of the UK workforce has a side hustle? Whether you are an actor, estate agent, agency worker, writer or online business owner, there are many reasons why a professional headshot from In The Frame could help you to improve your brand image.

If you are a member of an agency you are just another name in a pool of people. When you have a professional headshot to go alongside your CV and career history, it will be much more appealing to potential employers. Although you may not think the image is the most important element in your career, it can give it a much-needed boost when work is slow or sales are low.

A professional and polished image also shows people that you are serious about what you do. When you go to the lengths to share a portrait of yourself it means you are proud of the work you have achieved and you don’t mind people knowing who you are. A polished picture rather than a fuzzy amateur one or a blank space will really show that you care.

The Difference Between Professional and Amateur Headshots

At the moment your profile picture on LinkedIn or another business platform might be you out with friends in a pub or at a family wedding. Is that giving off the reliable and professional persona you want to portray? You want to capture yourself in the best light with a neutral, white background. Employers and potential clients are much more likely to hire a person who has a professional online presence.

If you are running your own business it is also important to capture your personality in your headshot. Well lit, natural and high-quality portraits from InThe Frame will improve the slick and sophisticated vibe of any entrepreneur website. People enjoy putting a face to a name, so this will allow them to connect with you as soon as they click onto your site or social profile.

Professional Headshots Are Priceless

All in all, the success of your career might rest on a set of clean, approachable, friendly and professional headshots. A good headshot will convey invaluable information about your character, work ethic and brand image so book an appointment at In The Frame today. Our head photographer Roisin would be glad to chat with you and talk about your needs and preferences today!

Josh’s Photos

The photos we’ve showcased in this article are of Josh Thompson – a local entrepreneur who operates 3 businesses. Like many – his started out as a primary job and side hustle, then grew. To avoid his businesses becoming nameless, faceless organisations, Josh came to Roz to have his headshots taken. Not only did she showcase him, but helped create individualised looks to suit each brand he represents.


Being a person who really hates their photo being taken, I was incredibly nervous about having headshots done for my businesses! Not only did Roz make me feel relaxed, she also made me laugh (a lot!). Professional, incredibly talented and seriously down to earth. If you are looking to take your business to another level, especially if you don’t like your own photo, Roz is the person to see!

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Headshot sessions are available from just £35 with additional images priced at £15 each.

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