Photos as Gifts – Help Loved Ones Feel Closer

Photos as gifts are looking to be a top hit of the festive season this year. If the speed at which our Christmas Mini Sessions sold out this year is any indication, people are calling out for photos in a way we haven’t seen since the years before instant messaging and digital recall. Is it any wonder we want to feel closer, when we’re apart regardless of distance?

If you fancy gaining yourself some major brownie points with loved ones this year, you should really consider giving photos as gifts. Now, this isn’t just the classic (though ever appreciated) prints, but with high quality photos you can have your image applied to just about any gift – and people will love it.

Some of the popular ones we’ve seen this year are photo cushion on Not On The Highstreet and ever printed socks which were half a boyfriends pics and half Dobby The Elf! When you miss someone, video calls are great – but there’s also something nice about having an image of them to hold close. Pixels and screen glare always appear to hold that a distance a way

When should you do this? NOW!

Why Photos as Gifts should be Taken in Autumn?

There are a few reasons that this is a great time:

  • Kids won’t grow too much before Christmas
  • The back-to-school is dealt with
  • We’re not yet preoccupied with Halloween and Christmas prep
  • You’ve got time to have everything printed, leaving weeks for delivery – keeping costs low
  • The light outside is amazing
  • The nature scene backdrops are vivis and beautiful

We have some blocks aside for studio sessions of course, but right now I can’t think of anything better than getting in for a Lifestyle Photography Session:

We’ve talked about autumn lifestyle sessions before in a 2016 Blog on the subject, here’s an excerpt from it:

With going back to school, busy schedules, desperately attempting to grasp the last remaining days of summer, and the unspoken C-word (half trying to pretend we’ve got loads of time before Christmas, half trying to get ahead of it!), Autumn is almost just a transition between two seasons, rather than embraced in it’s own way.

But if there’s one thing Autumn presents beautifully – it’s colour!  The turning of leaves from greens through reds, burnt oranges and depth of browns presents a beautifully rich backdrop for family and couples photography.  Unlike your more traditional shoots, the magic of a lifestyle shoot is in the action.  A couple sitting on a park bench becomes a beautifully captured moment; a family walking down a leaf lined pathway beneath a canopy of autumnal trees captures happiness and action!  Children don’t always have the patience for posed photography, and even those who do tend to shine brighter when out and playing – moments of enjoyment captured often outweigh the “Say Cheese” moments!

Autumn Lifestyle Shoots, September 2016, R Gregory

On last quick note – if you’re currently working from home, about to be job searching, or suddenly massively more aware of your professional online presence (wonder why :D), we’ve also got a new blog on Autumn Business Photography you might like.

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